Геометрия. 7-11 классы

Геометрия. 7-11 классы

The manual presents algorithms for solving typical problems and examples in geometry studied in 7-and11 grades. Before each algorithm is placed a brief theoretical block on the topic with the necessary rules and formulas. After the algorithm, an example of solving a problem or example is given, as well as tasks for an independent solution. The manual is addressed to students in grades 7-X1, teachers and parents who help the child in homework. For many academic years, students have to solve a huge number of problems, which often causes difficulties even among students with good knowledge of theory. This book is designed to help students form the most important skill - to solve problems of different types. Available and visual algorithms are given for each topic with the necessary theory and examples with detailed solutions.

Количество страниц: 112
Год издания: 01.02.2023
Издательство: Эксмо
ISBN: 978-5-04-117721-8


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